Korean Beauty Review – PACKage Sheet Masks

Hello and Welcome! I hope that you're having a fantastic 2018 so far, filled with positivity. Today I'm going to be continuing on my Korean Beauty reviewing series with sheet masks from a brand that I'd never come across before - PACKage. As a quick disclaimer before I get into this review - I bought,... Continue Reading →


Korean Beauty Review – E’Tude House Sheet Masks

Hello and Welcome! Before I get into this blog post, I think it's only right to address my one month blogging absence. A lot has happened in the last month or so in my personal life and I'm still trying to find my feet again. I've also had a lot of deadlines for my master's.... Continue Reading →

Korean Beauty Review – Innisfree Sheet Masks

Hello and Welcome! In this post I'll be discussing Korean sheet masks by the brand Innisfree! Since last year when Korean beauty, especially sheet masks, started making its way into the mainstream beauty community, I've been hooked on Korean sheet masks and haven't looked back. Regular masks, the paste types that you swipe onto your... Continue Reading →

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