My name is Charlotte but on social media I go by Multibendystraw (hence this blog being named Multibendybeauty) and I live in Bristol, UK. I’m into all things beauty and have been for a while so I thought I’d try my hand at writing my own beauty blog.

I am just a regular person, I’ve had no beauty training, I am by no means a professional. I’m just a normal person who loves beauty. I find it difficult to find genuine reviews online sometimes and I wanted to share my opinions on beauty items to hopefully help some people sift through the sponsored reviews (that don’t state they’re sponsored) and get some honest opinions on products. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am always honest – if a product is awful then I will 100% tell you.

As a disclaimer, anything that I write is my personal opinion and I have bought the products myself unless otherwise stated in the review. Just because a product doesn’t work me, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. Similarly, if a product does work for me that doesn’t mean it will be perfect for you. We’re all different and have different needs. I just hope this blog helps to provide some honest feedback in a world that’s full paid reviews.

I hope you enjoy my content!


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)


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