Nügg Beauty Face and Lip Masks Review

Hello and Welcome! I hope you're having an absolutely fantastic day! Today I'm going to be talking about, and reviewing, some of the Nügg Beauty face masks, as well as the Nügg Beauty 'Hydrating Lip Mask'. I'm not sure how I first discovered Nügg Beauty but it was definitely through Instagram. I think I've seen some of their... Continue Reading →

Primark Lip Products – Are They Worth it?

Hello and Welcome! Recently I went to Primark and bought way too much, and in the process bought almost all of Primark's different lip products. Everyone knows that Primark is renowned for having affordable items, and I've seen it a lot in the media recently about their introduction of Disney themed products. So I thought, if... Continue Reading →

Hashtag Girl Crush July 2017 Review

UPDATE 11/08/2017: I was trying to buy the August 2017 Hashtag Girl Crush box in July, however the box was showing as 'Sold Out' on their website. After emailing Hashtag Girl Crush, I was informed by someone in their team that the monthly beauty subscription box has been discontinued. As of today I cannot access... Continue Reading →

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